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Press 1 for English is a unique collection of musicians, each bringing their own individual style and expertise to the table.  United with years of experience in playing live music, the band is able to cover a wide variety of classics and current favorites. The result is a high-energy performance, full of musical precision and dynamic visuals.

 With Press 1 For English’s vast musical repertoire, we are able to connect with audiences of all ages for virtually any event or at any venue. The band is a great fit for corporate events, holiday parties, weddings clubs and casinos.

 With two female and two male vocalists in the band, Press 1 For English covers anything from classic rock favorites like “Don’t Stop Believing”, R&B favorites like “Proud Mary” to current hits like “Uptown Funk”. An exceptional drummer and bassist lay down the back beat, while our creative guitarists deliver diverse and precise rhythm and leads. The end result is dazzling and enjoyable. 

Simple perfection comes with a very professional attitude and you will not find a harder-working, more organized group. Creating a party atmosphere that is infectious and guaranteed to make any event one to remember is our priority.

Press 1 for English is:

Kim Denson-Lead Vocals
Nikki Hall-Lead Vocals
Lawrence King-Lead Vocals, Bass
Don Kadair-Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Mark Duke Lead Guitar

Jeremy Rasti-Drums, Percussion

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